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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Timesheet Software


  • September 28, 2022

According to one survey , an average employee spends around five hours checking social media, reading online news, texting, and eating snacks - all during office hours. Most employees work for no longer than three hours, during which they get interrupted every three minutes. 

If your business is stuck in a rut, the reason may be this. Poor time management can waste enormous resources and cost you a fortune. Luckily, there is an easy solution. 

Timesheet software is a business tool that can help your employees meet deadlines and stick to the budget. In addition to efficiency, the benefits of investing in this solution include increased accuracy and better decision-making. Timesheets save time, and time is money. 

Here are the five reasons your company needs timesheet software. 

Table of Contents:

1.    Increases productivity and efficiency
2.    You can customise it to your needs
3.    Time is an investment in your business
4.    Building a foundation for a scalable business
5.    Analytics that foster long-term benefits
        – Conclusion

1.    Increases productivity and efficiency 

Need we explain the importance of employee productivity? Employee time is the most valuable resource for a company - if your staff isn’t putting any time into work, all the experts, strategies, and tools used in the industry won’t be able to put you on track. 

Wasted employee hours fly way faster than you can recover them. 

But how do employees waste their time? And why? 

We’ve mentioned browsing the internet, whether to check social media or read the news. A surprising number of employees spend their time preparing food and coffee, while others use company hours to text with friends and chat with their colleagues. 

However, research shows that 53% of people take breaks from work during office hours because they think it actually increases their overall productivity. 

Contrary to popular belief, timesheet software wasn’t made for employers to “spy” on their staff. Its primary purpose is to increase productivity, and it often does that by helping employees understand where they are wasting hours - like in the previous example. 

By being able to tell exactly how much time is needed for each task during the day, employees can manage their daily workload more successfully. Employers can weed out certain time-consuming tasks and streamline the workflow using the same insight. 

2.    You can customise it to your needs

A lot of businesses still improvise timesheets using Excel tables. While this might work for some, it will hardly get you ahead of the competition. Late adopters of rock-solid business practices reach the finish line last, as more and more customers will leave them for faster services. 

Perhaps the most crucial difference between modern-day software solutions and old-school business tools is that the first can be fully customised to your specific needs. 

In the specific case of timesheet software, customisation allows companies to choose their own tools, dashboards, and workflows. You can even let your employees choose what makes them most productive and simplify the process by eliminating all known and potential distractions. 

Customisation is also the prime reason tech-savvy companies opt for enterprise software solutions instead of SaaS. Custom software allows you to access multiple modules from the same space and have everything optimised for your business. 

Indeed, there are other reasons that make our solution an obvious winner. 

For example, owning valuable data about your business. 

With enterprise timesheet software, your company actually owns the solution. With SaaS, you rely on another company to keep your data secure. For all of these reasons and more, choosing a custom software solution is more affordable in the long run.

3.    Time is an investment in your business

As part of a more comprehensive solution, but on its own too, timesheet software can help you improve both everyday task performance and project management. 

Good timesheet solutions notify employees when they should get back to work and alert them of the upcoming deadlines. But some of the top-rated timesheet tools provide more than that. One of the most helpful features they offer is - performance tracking. 

Employers use performance tracking to analyse the productivity of their employees, which is in no way a “spying technique” as it is often interpreted. Performance tracking is a tool that helps build a merit-based work environment - and a good one at that, too. 

As an employer, you should know which of your employees are overperforming and which are lagging behind. This is a priceless investment in your business, enabling you to allocate your resources correctly and assign important projects to the best workers. 

The more projects you finish in time, the more projects you’ll have.

But there’s another thing. Thanks to immaculate record-keeping and scheduling assistance, timesheet software ultimately frees everyone’s time. It allows you, as the employer, to delegate time management to department heads and focus on innovation.  

4.    Building a foundation for a scalable business

If you want your business to grow fast, automation is the name of the game. 

In relation to that, there are a few different types of time tracking systems. You can choose a bespoke timesheet solution for task management, employ a designated tool for payroll, or choose timesheet software for companies that bill clients by the hour.

Or you can opt for an enterprise solution that offers all these capabilities. 

Whatever you choose, you can count on some automation features. Companies that employ a large number of people greatly benefit from automated payroll, while businesses that charge by the hour heavily rely on the accuracy of automatic billing.  

Automation brings the efficiency needed for growth, but growth requires scalable business solutions. The best timesheet software grows with your company, allowing you to keep your team on the same page no matter how large or remote it becomes. 

By switching to a centralised time tracking system that employees can access 24/7 and from any device, you’re building a foundation for a scalable business. 

It comes as a bonus if your timesheet software can offer team collaboration tools and project tracking across multiple languages. More advanced timesheet tools also come with time-zone-sensitive scheduling in support of international teams. 

5.    Analytics that foster long-term benefits 

The last (but not least) benefit of using timesheet software is informed decision-making. In addition to performance tracking, the best time management tools also include sophisticated timesheet analytics that enables forecasting based on past data. 

Analytical capabilities have the power to make or break your business. For example, accurate performance and timesheet data allow you to spot trends and patterns in how employees complete their daily tasks and plan your future projects accordingly. 

With accurate data, you can even calculate future project costs. 

This level of insight can affect the overall efficiency in a big way. Knowing what takes up too much of your employees’ time and which employees complete their tasks first allows you to manage your company’s workload and optimise daily processes for the future. 

Ultimately, effective time management must increase your ROI, too. 

Even when they save seconds at the time, custom timesheet solutions perform an important function - they make daily work more transparent. Having an accurate overview of the time needed for each task is of great help to both staff and employers.  


If you’re looking for new ways to improve your business, don’t overlook the critical importance of time management. An investment in timesheet software is an investment in your company’s future. So, visit us at Tentacle Solution - we’ll ensure you get everything you need. 


How about your time management habits? How do your employees stay productive during the day? Could they use a custom-built timesheet? Let us know.

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